Handwoven Hand Dyed Silk Shawl
Handwoven Hand Dyed Silk Shawl
This is quite a heavyweight shawl - a luxurious thick silk which I have dyed bright turquoise and soft leaf green. For the borders on each side edge I used a little handpainted Indian mulberry silk in toning colours, as well as pink, gold and coral. The turquoise silk I used in the warp and the green in the weft, which creates a lovely iridiscent effect throughout the piece. It measures 17" x 73", 43cm x 186cm, so it is nice and long. It is finished with a simple knotted fringe.
Price £125
Dimensions 43x186cm
Created January 2011
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Tisserande Gill Back

I started handweaving after I was given a large 1930's Harris floor loom and that was the beginning of my love affair with weaving!

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