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Simon Bruntnell

Freelance Photographer specializing in glass artworks


Stourbridge, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Colour, Digital, Photography
Blue Oyster
Dichroic glass bracelet 1

Gill Spencer

All my jewellery, artwork and handles are unique and no two pieces will be the same. I use both bullseye and dichotic, which comes in from America. This amazing glass is produced by thin layers of metallic oxides such as silicon, titanium and magnesium being deposited onto the glass in a furnace.I cut, design and fuse all the pieces myself and some of the jewellery and artwork has had up to four firings.


Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Dichroic, Etching, Fused, Glass, Glass, Kiln Formed, Moulded, Slumped
Contemporary Double Bow Windsor

James Mursell

James Mursell is a professional Windsor chair maker. He makes chairs, teaches chairmaking and makes chairmaking tools on his farm in West Sussex. He recently wrote 'Windsor Chairmaking' a comprehensive guide to making Windsor chairs.


West Chiltington, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Wood, Wooden
Lyre Bowl 239
Bridging Bowl 205

Tobias J. Kaye

Sounding Bowls cross the space between sculpture and music like strings cross their circles. Playable as instruments their sound is rich, intimate and beguiling. Sounding Bowls open hearts worldwide. They are unique to Tobias Kaye.


Buckfastleigh, Devon, United Kingdom
Mixed Media, Stringed, Wood, Wood
Cornish Tin Mine

David Greenhalgh

Since taking early retirement from teaching I have worked mainly in torn paper collage. I am inspired by the Cornish landscape and joined "Drawn to the Valley", a local group of artists. We organise Open Studios through which I sell my work.


St. John, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Collage, Oils, Pastel
Trees Tile
Birchtree Mask

Pauline Lee

 Awaited - required


Poundsgate, Devon, United Kingdom
Acrylic, ceramic, Ceramic, Ceramic, Clay, Contemporary, figurative, Oils, Porcelain, Pottery, Slab Pot, Stoneware
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