Benefits and costs
of using Quick Look Media's National Art and Craft Directory

View and buy professional art and craft work

Registering as a Viewer is free of charge.

  • As a Viewer, you will be allocated a personal Gallery Page to which you may shortlist images, details of favourite artists and makers, events and resource providers.
  • By registering as a Viewer you will receive updates when changes occur that relate to your shortlist i.e. when work is sold or added, or Artist/Maker details are changed.
  • Buying items displayed on this website is simple - email, telephone or arrange to visit the artist or craft maker and buy directly from them. You can commission new work in this way too. Quick Look Media Limited do not act as selling agents and do not charge or seek payment of commission, fees or premiums on work sold.
  • Commissioning new work by competition is also possible once you have registered. You can use a simple form to state your requirements. It will then be emailed automatically to those artists and makers who have registered as working in the areas that you have specified.
  • If you are planning a trip then use the location and events search facilities to shortlist artists and craft makers, galleries and shows, etc., in the vicinity of your travels.
  • Organisers of events may identify potential content for their event from among the advertisers on this site and save the details to their shortlist.