North Face Winter 08
North Face Winter
North Face Winter
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Robert Jennings

I have been painting for a very long time and utilising many of the mediums available; from oils to oil pastels, watercolour to acrylics. I am currently using two: acrylics for my main output and line and wash for out-door sketches. Both mediums provide variations to working and convenience. Much will depend on the subject matter. Over the last few years I have tried to concentrate on projects. These direct one's mind to the specifics ans accuracies of the subject. I began by a series on west-country rivers in gouache, followed by geological work, after studying the underlying criteria that make the landscape what it is. Recently I was lent two pieces of uncultivated land, to watch and paint over a two year period. It is surprising what one sees and captures under this sort of discipline. My recent work is of the south west of Eire; the peninsulas of Dingle, Iveragh and Beara. A fascinating exercise. Originals and prints; articles and books. A wider range than the above list.

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