The Last Furlong
The Last Furlong
A trio of jockeys and thoroughbreds in a tight group, the broken shapes aim to create the feel of speed and the senation of being there. The abstract nature of the piece aims to move the work away from it being just another horsey picture into something much much more.
Price £1800
Dimensions 61x122x1cm
Weight 3Kg
Created January 2012
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Tom Lund-Lack

 To make the work come alive is a challenge I set myself; colour, tone and technique all play their parts in creating the illusions of movement I am seeking to find in much of my painting. I don’t want to give the impression that this all that I do as there are other aspects to my work, as can be seen from my portfolio. I create pieces which perhaps have a kind of dreaminess, the reason is that much of my subject matter that I use no visual references (except for those photo sources that are sometimes needed to get the horses legs right!). Nearly all of my work is drawn from memory of skies, seas and places, the imagined feel of a horse race or of yachts sailing.

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